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GLOW 414 Inc


The mission of GLOW 414 Inc. is to assist with the advancement of at-risk disadvantaged youth, by providing education, counseling, and mentoring services.



Our vision at GLOW 414 Inc. is to assist youth girls with a successful transition into adulthood and becoming successful women, with services tailored for each participant’s needs.   

Current Partners

GLOW 414, Inc:

  • In August 2023, we joined the Milwaukee County Credible Messenger Program. The focus is to prevent violence in the community and GLOW will work directly with youth who identify as female or LGBTQ+. GLOW will empower youth and increase their tools to access in times they are experiencing big emotions. Tools such as conflict resolution, identifying triggers, developing coping skills, and etc. 

  • We are proud partners with Pathfinder's CRAY (Collaborative Rapid Advocacy for Youth). As a partner, we offer programming that can be a longer term for youth who have or are experiencing commercial sexual exploitation in Milwaukee County.

  • MENTOR Greater Milwaukee: This partnership helps increase referrals of youth and connects potential Mentors to us.

GLOW Services, LLC:

  • Wraparound & REACH in Milwaukee County

  • CCS Youth in Milwaukee County

  • Milwaukee County's Children, Youth, and Family Services - ARPA Program. We are accepting mentoring referrals from Human Services Workers of youth identifying as female or LGBTQ+. GLOW will provide individual and group mentoring to support youth in alleviating barriers to their success and reduce recidivism.

  • House of Love: GLOW works predominantly with youth that are looking to build or enhance their skills transitioning into adulthood. 

HISTORY Founded in 2017

While growing up in the inner-city parts of Milwaukee and in a family where mental health was dominate, Mickell was motivated to become educated in mental health and determined to break the stigma surrounding mental health and the inner city. Later, Mrs. Daniels was fortunate to take advantage of outreach programs and family support which helped support her journey to further her education. “I wanted to become educated in mental health to tear down barriers in my community and bring awareness to the youth and families I serve. Our youth and their families needed to learn the importance of mental health coming from someone who is from their very own community, while also learning the tools to rise above the stereotypes that trap us daily."

Throughout the past 9 years she has worked in the social work field. Driven to bridge the gap between the expectations of youth once they became adults and the actual tools that are installed in them, she decided to develop her own organization GLOW 414 Inc. GLOW stands for Girls Learning to become Outstanding Women! "This gap needs to be closed to ensure our youth are becoming successful adults and I want to be a part of this change." She believes in empowering youth to own their ability to become the best version of themselves, while learning the tools that will guide them a lifetime.

With the strength, sacrifice and commitment of GLOW 414 Inc., the community, and other organizations Greater Milwaukee can rise up and our youth will be the driven force!

Board of Directors

               K. Gilbert                                             D. Barnes                                             A. Parker                                             L. West



 The Human Services and Mental Health field is a region that requires compassion, understanding, teamwork, deliberation, and respect for others. This is an entity in where I belong; and I join with the highest level of integrity.

 I am committed to meeting the needs of our society and empowering individuals to reach their personal goals and highest potential; by providing responsive services. I am devoted to promoting encouragement, independence, and enrichment. I believe with the proper resources, each and every individual has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. It is my desire to motivate these individuals to develop and become aware of their inner GLOW. I pledge to provide an array of customer service skills, the utmost quality of leadership, and my greatest level of expertise. My services will be provided in a manner that is responsive to the needs of my clients and the resources that I offer will be accessible.

 I have a high understanding of diversity and have always valued the importance and respect of others. Everyone should have the chance to develop a since of belonging and usefulness through their own achievements, regardless of their background and/or mental diagnoses. I look forward to inspiring clients to reach those achievable goals; by reinsuring willpower and positivity. I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and advancement of the youth in my city.

"Ms. Daniels will tell you herself, she founded GLOW 414, Inc. because she was a GLOW girl herself growing up. You know that girl - the one who was sassy as can be, but worked hard? The girl who had so much light to share with others because their energy was just so contagious, but struggled to find her inner GLOW? She is dedicated to serving young women in their journey to adulthood and through any barriers they encounter. Ms. Daniels wants to see young women WIN and with this vision, her internal compass and values pushed her to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. She understands the stigma of mental health and lack of resources for Greater Milwaukee (specifically 53206) and is making a difference daily to fill that gap."
- Executive Program Director, Sam Brock

"Sam Brock is an Advanced Practice Social Worker who has dedicated her life for nearly a decade to helping youth find their inner GLOW. She is a faithful servant and advocate for children and young adults but spends more time educating and showing them how to advocate for themselves. Sam has mentored over a hundred youths in the community, different school settings, and in her current role as the Executive Program Director at GLOW 414, Inc, a nonprofit located in the inner City of Milwaukee. Recently, she has decided to further her education to assist more youth with mental health needs as a therapist. Her impact is evident, and her dedication is second to none! Because of this and a thousand other reasons, Sam Brock is Mentor of the Month."
- CEO, Mickell D.

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