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The GLOW Effect is a 20-week program designed to provide inspiring young entrepreneurs with the ability to create, develop, and operate their ideal business. Participants will have 6-weeks of instruction and an opportunity to have their product featured in GLOW’s store location for 12-14 weeks. During the entire process, participants will have access to their mentors. During the 20-week program, participants will undergo a mind shift journey to learn how to make a decision, become dedicated, and develop the discipline needed to reach their goals. They will gain valuable tools they could access for the rest of their lives. Participants will graduate from the program with knowledge of creating a business name and mission/vision statement and the basics of understanding marketing, financial literacy, and operating a business.

You can check out "I Support GLOW" merchandise and Fresh New Youth Entrepreneurs at the Collective Marketplace in Bayshore.


Address: 5700  Bayshore Dr. 

The GLOW Effect Program supports youth in their business start up and launch, but the real MVPs are the YOUTH MAKE IT HAPPEN! In 2022, Korrupted Beauty was launched. In 2023, Hope for the Homeless and All for Paws was launched. 

The GLOW Effect

Business Launched with The GLOW Effect Program

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