GLOWing to Health Initiative!

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What is the GLOWing to Health Initiative?


  • GLOWing to Health is an initiative to promote a healthy wellbeing and lifestyle, as this correlates with mental health. Our participants will learn how to plant their nutrients while learning the principles of eating healthy and maintaining mental and physical health. During the Spring and Summer, participants will sell the fruits and vegetables, and proceeds from GLOW's Farmers Market will assist disadvantaged youth in zip code 53206. ​

Initiative Goal:

  • Purchase 5 Garden Towers by April 1st.

  • Each Tower is $1,018.50

  • Total GOAL: $5, 092.50

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GLOW's 1st Annual 2019 Mother of the Year Recipient:

Ms. D. Semons

**Ms. Semon will receive a fully covered Spa Day on behave of GLOW 414, Inc Board.

Ms. D. Semons

(Mother of Janee)

mahagony mom.jpg

Ms. D. Semons has served as an ambassador for many, highlighting the importance of motherhood at home, in the community, and in GLOW. She is a hard-working strong Queen who has dedicated her life to caring for her family and being a force in the community. As a very involved mother of three beautiful young women, Ms. Semons did not hesitate to reach out to GLOW to receive additional assistance with her youngest daughter Janee. Since joining GLOW, Ms. Semons makes certain Janee is involved in every GLOW semester and keep GLOW's staff involved with frequent updates, which is very vital in ensuring a successful transition into adulthood for Janee. 


Miss Semons just know, GLOW value you as a mother and your involvement in your children life. We can never thank you enough for the amount of trust you put into GLOW. Without you and your dedication, we would not have the ability to pour into Janee. For this reason and many others, you deserve Mother of the Year Award! Keep GLOWing Queen. ~Mickell Daniels, CEO


1. What made you decide to reach out to GLOW?

"I reached out to GLOW to get extra help in guidance with my daughter Janee. At first, Janee had family members that she could call upon when she needed assistance. Janee is not a perfect teenager. She got into things that she should not have, and people turned their backs on her. That's when I started seeing advertisements about GLOW and immediately, I reached out. Miss Daniels, I have to say you have been a lifesaver in Janee's life. No matter what was going on day or night and trust me there have been plenty times you have been there 100% and I'm sure it's some things I don't even know about. I thank you for always being there for her and being the other mother figure that she needs in her life right now. Because of you and GLOW, Janee has become an exceptional Young lady."


2. How did GLOW earn your trust to keep your daughter involved? (share only in general)

"You Miss Daniels and GLOW earned my trust when one night I overheard Janee on the phone with you (not going to go in detail what it was about) but she was able to confide in you and you never called me and told me her business. You kept it professional and between you and her. I KNOW in my heart if it had been something that would have hurt her at that point you would have told me. Again, I thank you for being the person you are and just know that all you're doing for these teenage girls not going unnoticed, and you will be blessed for all that you do. All facts, GLOW is a blessing to Janee."


GLOW414 Inc. is not just another youth agency. GLOW believes each person is unique, therefore making the drive and ability to grow as an individual different for everyone. At GLOW, we are driven and determined to assist with the advancement of disadvantaged youth by working on the social-emotional needs of our youth. We meet each youth participant right where they are. In doing so GLOW develops a plan that’s uniquely tailored for each participant. The curriculum is customized based on individual needs.

GLOW Quotes

Janee, 14


“Being around people that actually care about me keeps me calm and help me control my anger and I’m learning as a glow girl that I matter”


To volunteer with GLOW414 please contact the office between the hours of 9:30AM & 11:30AM Monday-Thursday or feel free to email us @ GLOW414@outlook.com.