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Miss USA Visit


Out of all the organizations in the USA. Out of all of the little girls who needed to hear the message Mrs. USA gave. Out of all the inner cities that needed to witness beauty come from unforeseen circumstances, despite the ugly they see every day. Out of all the little girls who hope needed a Re-spark to GLOW. God brought Mrs. USA to GLOW’s door! #53206!!


I remember practicing my pageant walks in the mirror growing up because my mom always took me to pageants. They were beautiful and Queens to me. Now, look! 


I often tell the world GLOW is bigger than me! But now it's time for God to show the world!!! 


International Mrs. USA, aka Dr. Jackie Edwards, we thank you! I am honored that you took time out of your day to pour into my girls! You inspired me to keep going! You encouraged them to own their crown and taught them how to own the room! This will be a day they will never forget, and a moment we will cherish forever!  #ButGOD

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CRISIS LINE for Participants

April GLOW Queen


Milwaukee, WI


Alicia has grown so much since she started GLOW to Inspire groups. She speaks up, she naturally is a leader in many activities, and she is creative.


She explains that she likes coming to GLOW each week because she thinks “it’s fun and it’s nice. It’s a way for me to get out of my comfort zone.”


Her favorite thing about GLOW is the people, peers and staff. She wants others to come “because it can help them with their social skills, make new friends, learn new things, and do fun stuff.

GLOW414 Inc. is not just another youth agency. GLOW believes each person is unique, therefore making the drive and ability to grow as an individual different for everyone. At GLOW, we are driven and determined to assist with the advancement of disadvantaged youth by working on the social-emotional needs of our youth. We meet each youth participant right where they are. In doing so GLOW develops a plan that’s uniquely tailored for each participant. The curriculum is customized based on individual needs.

"GLOW already helps with Anxiety by making you feel at home. They make sure you’re happy and feel safe around groups of people and the people you work with. They give you reassuring words motivational speeches and hype you up till you feel your greatest! The GLOW building is a very calm respectful and extremely welcoming place. GLOW is a great place for learning. You’ll be able to learn ways to carefully approach and manage fearful or worrisome situations without anxiety."

GLOW Quotes


Milwaukee, WI

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